A valid passport is required. Please note, identity cards are not accepted.


Although no vaccination is obligatory, the tetanus vaccine is strongly recommended. There is a collective pharmacy at the Ranch and on the trail rides, but it is advisable for each guest to bring their own supplies according to their needs and tolerance to certain medicines.


The Moroccan currency is the Dirham. In July 2009, the exchange rate was 11.25 Dirham to the Euro. Warning, the nearest bank to the Ranch is 20 minutes away, remember to bring money with you or withdraw some en route in order to be able to bring back some souvenirs from the region!


The climate is most pleasant all year round and benefits from its proximity to the ocean. No really high temperatures during the summer (it rarely goes above 35°c) or really low temperatures during the winter! You can go to the beach all year… However, bring warmer clothes for the evening, winter nights can be chilly.

The weather is generally dry but showers can happen: make sure you have the necessary equipment to be able to deal with any situation!


A little list of indispensible things to bring!

A pair of Jodhpurs (or 2!) is preferable especially for endurance courses…
Mini-chaps or chaps
Riding boots, trainers or walking shoes (not too big, think about the stirrups!); avoid boots
Riding hats: we have some at the Ranch, but bring your own if you have one.
A woolly jumper or fleece for the chilly evenings.
At least one long sleeved t-shirt or shirt to avoid sunburn.
A hat, for the same reason,
Sponge bag, towel, sun cream. Remember wipes for trail rides!
Your usual medicine
A sleeping bag for trail rides
A torch, indispensible for trail rides
Bring a bag rather than a suit case if you are going on trail rides.